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Ankommande / Arrivals
Date Time Flight Arrivals Remark
2015-11-17 10:30 2N4852 Stockholm ARN
2015-11-17 16:30 2N4855 Gällivare
2015-11-17 20:45 2N4856 Stockholm ARN
Avgående / Departures
Date Time Flight Arrivals Remark
2015-11-17 10:50 2N4852 Gällivare
2015-11-17 16:50 2N4855 Stockholm ARN
2015-11-17 21:00 2N4856 Gällivare

Travel with children

Unaccompained minors

Children 5-11 years may travel without a parent or guardian in accordance with the regulations for unaccompanied minors. Download the following form and fill in your information before you arrive at the airport to facilitate the check-in process.

The child must be accompanied by the parent/guardian at all times at airport's land side. The parent/guardian must contact check-in and hand over the pre-filled form to the check-in staff. NextJet's representative at the airport will then complete the required documents. This form is a legal document and serves as a written assurance signed by the child’s parent/guardian. Without a valid document, NextJet may under no circumstances allow the child to board the aircraft. Upon arrival, the receiving parent/guardian must present a valid identification to the airport staff. Parents/guardians for unaccompanied minors must be at least 18 years of age. Children below 5 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the entire journey and are not eligible to travel as unaccompanied minors.

Check-in for unaccompanied minors should be conducted well in advance before scheduled departure time. We recommend that arrival at check-in is not later than 1 hour before departure.

Note: the parent/guardian must remain at the airport until the plane has departed and the take-off has been confirmed with airport staff.

Children older than 12 years of age are allowed to travel without special documentations. However, a child is not eligible to act as travel company for younger children until he/she has reached the age of 16. Passengers between 13 and 15 years of age may travel as unaccompanied children if the parent/guardian so wishes; the same documentation should then be completed as for unaccompanied minors. NextJet has a limit of the number of unaccompanied minors we are able to accept on each flight.


Children 0-2 years of age may travel as infants.

1 infant per adult is allowed to travel on adults lap. Infants without a seat are entitled to a checked baggage allowance of 10 kg. Adults travelling with two infants under 2 years of age must book a seat for one of the infants. The second infant is entitled to the same luggage allowance as an adult. This infant must be seated in a car safety-seat which cannot exceed 42 cm wide and 65 cm deep. The car safety-seat must be EU-approved. In all other situations, car safety-seats are not allowed in the cabin and must be checked in. Due to medical reasons, infants below 10 days of age are not allowed on-board.

Accompanying children 2-11 years of age is eligible for reduced ticket fare (some exceptions apply, check the rules of your ticket before booking). NextJet considers passengers above 16 years of age to be adults in these “Regulations and Conditions of travel”.