Arvidsjaur Flygplats
Ankommande / Arrivals
Date Time Flight Arrivals Remark
2015-11-17 10:30 2N4852 Stockholm ARN
2015-11-17 16:30 2N4855 Gällivare
2015-11-17 20:45 2N4856 Stockholm ARN
Avgående / Departures
Date Time Flight Arrivals Remark
2015-11-17 10:50 2N4852 Gällivare
2015-11-17 16:50 2N4855 Stockholm ARN
2015-11-17 21:00 2N4856 Gällivare

About Arvidsjaur airport

Arvidsjaur Flygplats

Arvidsjaur Airport is 11km drive from Arvidsjaur center about 10 minutes by car. The airport was established in 1990 and owned by Arvidsjaur Airport AB.

The scheduled air traffic

National Public Transport purchasers of air traffic for Arvidsjaur Airport AB. New 3-year agreement was signed on 26 October 2008 with Nextjet AB and then runs under a contract. For more information see:
National Public Transport determines the timetable for the flights to take place. The type of aircraft operating in their regular line is a 2-engine turboprop plane of the brand British Aerospace ATP and has 60-68 seats. The flight is making a short stop in Lycksele when flying to and from Arvidsjaur.

Charter traffic

During the winter season there is a wider range of flights including direct charter flights to Germany from Arvidsjaur. The German destinations are at the moment Hahn, Stuttgart, Hanover and Munich. Number of flights per week is approximately 3-6 per direction and destination.
These four cities have one thing in common.  They are all cities with a large car industri that includes an extensive test of their cars and car systems. Since the conditions are not as rough and cold in Germany as it can be in Arvidsjaur they perform all kinds of tests of the cars and their equipment during the winter months of the year.
Travels in the winter is mediated by organizer Fly-car and Airberlin which are based in Germany.

Other Information

The airport has a 2500 meter long runway. This is more than enough for aircrafts like Boeing 737 and Airbus 320. The runway direction is southeast (120 degrees) northwest (300 degrees) and is named runway 12 and runway 30. After the last extension of the runway we made our selves even more available by adding instrument approach aids for landing in both directions.

Airport facts

Ort Arvidsjaur
Flygplatstyp National airport
Operator Arvidsjaur municipality
Opening year 1990
Height above the sea 378m (1245 ft)
Geographic coordinates 65°35′N 19°16′O